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Hmm for some reason I can’t come up with anything interesting today… My weekend wasn’t very exciting… nothing is bothering me today… thinking about posting videos or pics or something but nothing really comes to mind…. hmmm any suggestion fellow bloggers???? lol


Thought of the day… dreams…

It’s that time of day when boredom sets in and i’m on the computer thinking of blogging about….nothing is really on my mind right now… but I guess i can discuss something that I have been wondering about for a long time… I’m sure i could just google all my answers… but whats the fun in that? I think its better to ask and communicate my thoughts with the most opinionated people on the web… bloggers 🙂

DREAMS! ( and no not the whole hopes and dreams..kind of dreams…) but dreaming… at night… (or during the day)… what do they mean???
Is there a reason why we dream about certain people??? and do they dream of us???…. lets say you have a dream about a person you really want to be with but can’t… do they have the same exact dream??? i’ve noticed, if I think or see someone for just a brief instant during the day… often I have some sort of dream about that person that night…. is there a reason for that? Do you notice certain people or things because there is something drawing you to them? and that is why you dream about them? is it all connected?…. one possible theory I think about… is, is that dreams are us in a previous or parallel life, that if something didn’t happen a certain way… (like if you got married to someone but could have married someone else).. you dream about being married to that other person and not even know your current partner. just an idea I had.. with all my vast knowledge lol

One thing that I have noticed that I can’t explain is having deja vu… I have had it several times in my life and why is that? I am not a physic or anything lol…. but there have been obvious times and it blows me away! there are a few things I don’t want to mention that have came true…and a few more that I can’t explain in detail because i forget some of the details..

But one example… and there is proof of it.. lol I had a dream that I was watching a college football game…. and normally football games the scores are around 20 to 30 points on average for a winning team…. but the night before I watched a Michigan, Illinois game, I had a dream that the score was 65 to 65 an unheard of score for a college football game…. basketball? maybe…. but football?…… So later on in the day when i started watching the game…. the teams kept scoring and scoring… untill the final score….. 67 to 65


Ok maybe that was a lame example.. and not life changing but how did that happen?? Coincidence? there have been dreams that are like that… that just tease me into thinking there is more to everything… Maybe there are events that we dream about that tell us about our future… and that we should change, before it happens… I keep telling myself to start keeping track of my dreams every morning… and try to find some similarities or bits and pieces that make sence… but haven’t done it yet… maybe i can dedicate a blog page just to my dreams…. lol….. although crazy thing… I haven’t dreamt about blogging yet…. hmmmmmmmmm :/

Thought of the day…”What if??”

I sit here at work again… wondering to myself… will this job lead me to better things in the future? or is it just a filler? a paycheck just to keep the creditors off my back for a few months?… Yes my job is only a temporary job… a few month assignment. but it does pay better then any other job I would be doing even full time… It makes me wonder, what happened?…I mean i know what happened……but how did my professional career end up here? This isn’t what I went to college for.. (even though i only went one year)… This isn’t what I put down on my career portfolio in High School… I mean what I currently do isn’t bad, Its a good job and I enjoy what I am doing, but I will probably never be full time here, and the knowledge of what I’m doing probably isn’t where it should be… I mean I am 27 almost 28 years old… and I have no idea what my professional future is. What I want to do… what I love to do… what I can do… I can attempt to go back to college, either online or on campus… But I have no time to do anything, or even a slightest idea of what I want to do…. I mean I’m sure i could try to do something generic, like business administration… but would it really even be worth it this late in the game??? Or would I even like doing it??? Maybe i can be a professional blogger… lol… uh i highly doubt that…

It’s like, I live in one world… but part of me is in another… I mean now i have kids, a temporary job, an ex-wife, a stack of debt…. a current relationship that seems to be stuck in a rut…. when a part of me wants to live in the city… in a one bedroom studio, driving around on a Vespa… as I go to and from my big city job… It’s almost like I am wired to be somebody else but my decisions and actions were all wrong. Don’t get me wrong… I do enjoy my life… I love my kids, the people in my life.. and just a few changes would make everything a million times better… but i always think… What if??….

What if i would have stayed in college?…. Would I have actually done what I was going for? (Sports Management) …. If I would have, would I have still been with my ex wife???… if not, I wouldn’t have my beautiful children…. and if I didn’t have my children, would i have stayed around here?…. and if I wouldn’t have stayed around here… I probably wouldn’t be working as a temporary where i am now. and if I wasn’t working where I am now, I wouldn’t have started blogging… and if I wouldn’t have started blogging, nobody would be able to read all my babble 🙂

So what about you?… How different would your life be if you would have changed … at least one thing? Can you still change it??? I mean there are several major things I wish I would have changed… a couple that I still probably can’t… but i still wonder to myself how did I get here??? and what if???????

Meteor Shower

As I drove my children back to their mother’s house tuesday, right in front of my windshield i see something streak across the sky, “woah cool” i thought… then I remembered it was the annual Perseids meteor shower! How could i forget? Maybe i can get my significant other to lay out with me with a bottle of wine and watch one of the most beautiful things one can experience… last year I tried and it lasted all but 10 minutes then she lost interest… probably because “Teen Mom” was on TV or something…. How can I be romantic when the person I’m romancing isn’t interested in the magnificence of a meteor shower?… hmmm

When I was younger I was an Astronomy nut… I still like it, but not as interested as when i was younger. My father (RIP dad) bought me a telescope for Christmas one year, and that was our thing. Looking up at planets and constellations on a clear summers night, was one of the things I miss most about him. He was a High School science teacher, so it was fun to learn things from him, and I hope one day my children will take an interest in astronomy and I’ll do the same things with them.

For those of you who might not know, what causes a meteor shower, a meteor shower in then the Earth’s orbit crosses the path of debris left behind from a comet. so for those of you who “wish upon a shooting star” might want to have a lot of wishes ready because you can see anywhere from 50 to 100 meteors in an HOUR! crazy i know… but depending on where you are, and brightness of the moon, you might only see 20 to 30… (which my gf thinks is boring.) So if the weather is permitting I would suggest everyone to grab their special someone, (or by yourself) and lay out under the stars and wish your heart away before it’s too late… the more wishes, the better the odds of one of them coming true…. right???? 😉

Thought of the day…

As I sit here at work bored. Staring at my computer reading other blogs, I think to myself (what a wonderful day…haha)… I think to myself, what can I bring to the blogging community that isn’t written by a sociology undergrad at Starbucks?..( no offense, i actually wish I was a sociology major, or even an undecided undergrad.. and damn Starbucks does sound good. 😉 lol ) Maybe I can bring my high school + 1 knowledge on life and beliefs and hope for some great feedback! positive or negative…

My thought for today is how do I make these blogs interesting? how can I reach people who have no idea who I am or what I have or haven’t accomplished. Unlike other viral sites ( facebook, twitter, myspace) I can reach and read and discover, people who I would never would here in a little town in the Midwest United states. But in a way, am I “cheating” on other people in my life? the people who do know me? I guess i can always post these blogs on my facebook page, but this is what makes this differnent.. if the people I am friends with or know really wanted to know what my thoughts and opinions are, they would ask… right? but on a blog such as this, there is no asking… just reading… if someone doesn’t want to hear my opinions on life… or on something such as  Justin Beiber (which i doubt i will.. but its an example  lol) they can simply not read my blog.

I mean, maybe there is a reason for my blogging… maybe there is some reason why I found somebody’s blog and decide to start doing some of my own?.. or maybe I’ll get bored and tired with here after a week.. lol.. I do not know, but that is what makes this, everything interesting is not knowing the outcome…. right?


seeing as most of the world is watching or paying attention to the olympics right now, only makes sense to devote my first opinionated blog on the one thing that might get the most hits… the olympics. 🙂

is it just me or have this years olympics for the most part been…. “sub par”…. I mean even after all the spoilers (thanks MSN, YAHOO, CNN, RADIO, TWITTER, FACEBOOK…pretty much everybody i talk to)….. there is no excitement… Living here in America, the olympics are on live, from like 6 in the morning till about 3 or 4 in the afternoon…. (the time the majority of America is at work….) then by the time we all would like to sit down, munch on some popcorn in our snuggie and get ready to watch some gymnastics…. we already know the outcome, so by the time 10 o’clock comes around we already know that Michael Phelps won gold, or that Gabby Douglas did not…. we stop watching or fast forward our DVR to something that hasn’t gotten as much attention like synchronized diving. (at least we don’t know who won!) . It has been four years (well two years since the winter Olympics)… and we can’t have the excitement or drama that Olympics always brings… I fell there should be some sort of FCC law prohibiting news outlets from spoiling outcomes until after we can watch them first. To me, that would be best for everybody involved, the Station gets higher viewing and ratings, advertisers can actually have their commercials watched and not DVRed through… and everyone can experience the joy and drama that the Olympics always brings!

but the olympics haven’t been all too bad this year i mean there are things like the Missy Franklin and the US  swim teams you tube video singing “Call me maybe”…



Missy Frankin and the US woman’s swim team kicking @$$ in everything, Michael Phelps breaking olympic records (Ryan Lochte is kind of a douche though..) US women winning Gymnastics gold… The basketball teams, the woman’s soccer teams, the volleyball teams…(none of who get any televised time for some reason) and after reading a SI article about everyone in the olympic village partying and having sex… makes these athletes a little athletes a little cooler than just your spoiled rich kids whos parents send them away for years and years of training just for 2 weeks of televised competition.

One thing is for certain, the US who’s mainly made up of early twenty somethings and teenagers, 2016 in Rio should be epic. The 2016 games shouldn’t be on tape delay, should be live, and just like Rio itself should be a party!…. even though Rio is a sh**hole and not sure how they are going to be able to afford all the olympic venues and make them nice and extravagant like they should be… guess we’ll have to wait and see….!!!!

GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First blog!

Hello blog world, this is my first blog….. 🙂 not quite sure what all to type about, but figures it will be a little bit of my thoughts on different things, stuff going on with myself and some videos and other things that i might come across on the ol web that intrigues me 🙂

some things about myself, are that I’m 27 Years old male, with 3 kids, and some very opinionated outlooks on life! I Started blogging after reading someone else’s blogs, and found it very interesting. I’ts things that you can talk about and share and not have to limit yourself to what you can say or post. I know blogging has been around a while, but I feel the way that society is, blogging will be really big here soon, so might as well get my foot in the so called “blog door” 🙂 So if you find me and my upcoming blogs interesting, please follow me!! as I am also going to try and find some new interesting people to follow myself 🙂